Business Plan Sebagai Alternatif Strategi Pengembangan Usaha

larisa yohanna, siska maya


Designing a business plan is one of the internal factors to increase or develop a business. Business plan describes the management that has been carried out by a business or management that has not been carried out, in other words it is still in planning. Lack of information about the business plan and its benefits in the business environment occur at this time. Therefore, community development activities aims at: 1) Emerging awareness of participant (entrepreneur) about the importance of good business planning, both short and long term; 2) Creating the business concept through a canvas business model by participant; and 3) Understanding the elements in the design of a business plan in accordance to participant concept business model. The implementation of community development activities this time was declared successful in accordance to the outcomes as follow: 1) The initial implementation only 11% had known Business Model Canvas but at the end of the session there was an increase in participants' understanding of the business model canvas and its manufacture; 2) Participants understand and can conceptualize their business model, as seen Business Model Canvas gathering properly from 7 out of 9 participants on the first day or 78% 3) Participants' enthusiasm in the question and answer session is visible, especially regarding marketing strategies to increase sales turnover and business financial management.

Keywords : Business Plan, Business Model Canvas.

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