Duconomics Sci-meet (Education & Economics Science Meet)

The Education and Economics Science Meet (Duconomics Sci-meet) is a national scientific meeting in the fields of education and economics held under the auspices of the Center for the Study of Economics (Puskanomi), Indraprasta University PGRI, Jakarta. This event includes seminars, call for papers, and other scientific activities.  

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The Education and Economics Science Meet, or Duconomics Sci-meet for short, is a scientific meeting in the fields of education and economics. This scientific meeting involves academics, practitioners, and experts in the fields of education and economics to discuss and answer all the problems in these fields. 

Society 5.0 is a concept initiated by the Japanese Government in order to improve the quality of human life. This concept seeks to combine the development of online or offline technology with human capabilities in order to create an intelligent society and a quality life. This concept views that the development of technology and industry (1.0 to 4.0) is actually balanced with the development of society. The main force of development basically rests on the development of intelligent society. It's not about increasingly sophisticated technology, but about how humans can form a smart community that is able to solve every problem in an effective and efficient way.

This development is evident in the field of education. The push of technology and the pressure of situations such as the current pandemic, make the learning paradigm no longer equated with education before this era. The principle may be the same, but the implementation continues to undergo changes and adjustments. In the past, learning was teacher-centered. The teacher explains, lectures, and students listen. Now, learning is student-centered. Students are triggered to think critically, think logically, and be able to solve problems guided by the teacher. In the past, knowledge was only obtained from teachers and books. Now, knowledge is widespread in cyberspace. Students and teachers have the opportunity to access the same knowledge and knowledge. In fact, sometimes, students ask more questions on gadgets than the teacher himself. Therefore, discussions about the development of education need to be carried out so that the education paradigm in Indonesia does not become biased and the relationship between teachers and students is maintained in dignity.

Likewise in the economic field. The increasingly rapid and open industrial development forces humans to find their own role. What humans can do, can now almost be replaced by machines. In fact, with higher accuracy than humans. This then affects the world of trade, and of course, the world economy. Just look at how easy it is for us to order goods from abroad, sell goods without having a shop, carry money without a thick wallet, and become rich just by surfing the virtual world. This phenomenon has brought us into unpredictable and so unpredictable circumstances. Don't let technology have more power than humans. In fact, technology is made to facilitate human life, not colonize it.

This scientific meeting is expected to be able to answer all future problems and challenges. Not just meeting, then not producing anything. Therefore, we hope that the participants will be able to take every valuable knowledge from the resource persons whose expertise cannot be doubted. What is gained in this meeting, hopefully can be applied even in small movements. Because big changes are always born from small movements.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This event turned out to have attracted the interest of the country's scholars. Evidently, from the available data, seminar participants have registered not only from Jakarta and its surroundings, but also involving participants from Cirebon, Yogyakarta, Surakarta, Semarang, Jombang, Bangkalan, Medan, Aceh, even to Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. This high attention at least proves that our scholars are not sleeping and dreaming sweet dreams. They are still awake and able to make an extraordinary contribution to this country we love. Of course, our concern arose from not being able to accommodate them perfectly. But we always try as much as we can. Sorry, if in this event there are still shortcomings and things that are less pleasing. I, on behalf of the entire Duconomics Sci-meet 2022 committee, would like to thank you for being a part of this scientific meeting.


Hamzah Robbani, S.E.I, M.M.
Chief Executive
Duconomics Sci-meet 2022