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Vol 1 (2021): Merdeka Belajar dan Tantangan Ekonomi dalam Menyongsong Era Society 5.0

The Education and Economics Science Meet, or Duconomics Sci-meet for short, is a scientific meeting in the fields of education and economics. This scientific meeting involves academics, practitioners, and experts in the fields of education and economics to discuss and answer all the problems in these fields. At this inaugural event, Duconomics Sci-meet raised the theme of Freedom to Learn and Economic Challenges in Facing the Era of Society 5.0. This theme was raised, considering the rapid development of the world today, and we need to immediately balance it with the right steps and strategies.
Society 5.0 is a concept initiated by the Japanese Government in order to improve the quality of human life. This concept seeks to combine the development of online or offline technology with human capabilities in order to create an intelligent society and a quality life. This concept views that the development of technology and industry (1.0 to 4.0) is actually balanced with the development of society. The main force of development basically rests on the development of intelligent society. It's not about increasingly sophisticated technology, but about how humans can form a smart community that is able to solve every problem in an effective and efficient way.